Donkey Mong

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Donkey Mong
Donkey Mong.png
Family Bullymong
Type Badass
Health multiplier 18
Shield level --
Damage multiplier 12
XP value Super Badass
Crit areas Head
Weakness Fire.png Fire
Resistance --
Location(s) Eridium Blight

Donkey Mong is a rare bullymong that occasionally roams the slope leading up to Hero’s Pass. He has explosive barrels strapped to his back, which he can and will hurl at any Vault Hunter he sees. To complete an area Challenge for the Eridium Blight, zig-zag in next to Donkey Mong without getting hit by a barrel, then click the “use” button/key to clip his tie!

…then kill him, which also unlocks an Achievement or Trophy.

Be careful, though, as the area Donkey Mong can usually be found in is right around where you’ll find the next fella…