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Purple grade weapons are already very rare, and rarer still are the purple grade weapons outfitted with E-Tech enabled barrels. These guns project energy bolts rather than regular-old caveman-like kinetic ammunition. Depending on the gun type and the manufacturer, E-Tech barrels perform differently even if they result in guns from different brands ending up with the same name. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon these weapons, don’t part with them without some serious testing. It is not yet known how the Bandit-made brand acquired the technology to spell “Plasma Caster” correctly on their alien SMG.

Gun Type Bandit Dahl Hyperion Maliwan Tediore Vladof
Assault Rifle BlASSter Blaster -- -- -- Blaster
Pistol Dubble Spiker/Dart Spiker/Dart Spiker/Dart Spiker/Dart Spiker/Dart Spiker/Dart
Rocket Launcher PRAZMA CANON -- -- PBFG Launcher Topneaa
Shotgun Blashter -- Splatgun -- Splatgun --
Submachine Gun Plasma Caster Plasma Caster Plasma Caster Plasma Caster Plasma Caster Plasma Caster
Sniper Rifle -- Railer Hybridfication Railer -- Moloko

Below are videos of E-tech weapons

An E-tech Blaster in action:

E-tech Plasma Casters in action:

An E-tech Sniper in action:

An E-tech Shotgun in action:

E-tech Spikers in action: