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GUN Loader


The GUN Loader is the basic robotic foot soldier of Handsome Jack's army. These will be the first Loader type you encounter, and the most common throughout the game. The general layout of a GUN Loader is a bipedal form, with two arms, and a red sensor "eye" slightly to the left of center mass. (right if you are facing it) On its right arm is a weapon of some sort, while the left arm ends in a hand. The weak points for this type of Loader are the shoulder joints, the hip joints, and the red sensor eye.

Survival Strategies:

-There really is no way to avoid these things. You are constantly going to be fighting these guys whenever your mission has anything to do with Hyperion.

-Use Cover whenever you can to avoid their powerful gunfire.

-Sniper Rifles work wonders against these guys, as do corrosive weapons.

-Look at the white icon that can sometimes be seen over their shoulder. This can give you a heads up of what it might do next.

-Also, try to listen to it speak, that may also give its tactics away.

Combat Strategy; Their Tactics:

-This type of Loader will generally just stand in one place once it has seen you, and will open fire with its machine gun.

-Also, they can melee when close, and will throw grenades at you.

-The red sensor eye can be charged to fire a powerful shield-killing blast. This can be easily telegraphed by the bright blue charge building around the eye.

-Watch out! If you manage to blow off the gun arm, remember that the Loader can still throw grenades and use the eye blast.

Combat Strategy; Your Tactics:

-All (sniper): With a sniper, hit the weak points accurately in this order: Gun Arm Shoulder, Hand Arm Shoulder, Sensor Eye. This should kill it.

-All (other): Use a powerful weapon and aim for the sensor eye. Devastates the unit, especially if the gun is corrosive.

-Zero: Use the same strategy as the Sniper one I just explained. With Zero however, you might only need to hit both arms to get a kill.

-Axton: Do not be afraid to deploy a Turret if too many begin to appear, as a pack can kill in seconds.

-Salvador: Like Axton's scenario, but instead use Gunzerk.

-Maya: If necessary, you can Phaselock a particularly difficult GUN Loader.

-Individual Threat: Moderately Low

-Overall Threat: Moderate

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