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Gaige is a fifth Vault Hunter to appear in Borderlands 2, and the first of several DLC Vault Hunters that Gearbox plans to release as additional paid content. (Gaige, Releasing on October 16, With none others yet announced)Gaige is a 18 year old(confirmed by devs) highschool student who lives with her (supposedly divorced) father. She is extremely talented with machinery (or so it seems)and seems to believe in Anarchy. The reason Death Trap was invented was so she could win the science fair at her school, or so she could beat a rival of hers. It is still unknown why she was looking for the vault but, she did mention hyperion and the vaults. so, hyperion and the excitment may be the reason why.

Gaige serves as the Mechromancer, and her skill tree will have a wide player-skill discrepancy, making her both the easiest and hardest character to play, based on skill choices.

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