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Grenades are explosives that complement your normal, regularly scheduled gunplay. Like guns, there are several types of grenades, which come from different manufacturers and do different things. (Or, at least they find different ways to blow up.)

Grenade Type Manufacturer Description
Standard Bandit
Grenade simply explodes when fuse runs out.
MIRV Bandit
Grenade explodes into a shower of more grenades.
Bouncing Betty Dahl Grenade bounces and showers the surrounding area in bullets.
Area of Effect Vladof Grenade afflicts anything that comes near with a particular type of damage.
Singularity Hyperion Grenade pulls in nearby enemies before exploding.
Transfusion Maliwan Grenade siphons health from the target and grants it to the user or nearest allies.

Delivery system Level available
Lob 1
Lob sticky 6
Rubberized 11
Longbow 15
Longbow Sticky 15
Homing 18
Homing Sticky 18

Apart from how a grenade goes off, there’s also the matter of how it is delivered. Any grenade type can be built using any grenade delivery system, so distinct grenades are plentiful just like guns. Some of the more advanced delivery system types don’t show up on random looted grenades until you’ve leveled up sufficiently.

As with guns, there’s variance even within seemingly identical grenades. Apart from the particulars of the grenade type and its delivery system, there are several more variables:

  • Is the explosive fuse instant, short, or long? (Shorter is nearly always better, with grenades… enemies are quick to react to a rolling, ticking bomb!)
  • Does the grenade feature an elemental property, or does it just deliver explosive force? If an element is present, what’s the power of the elemental blast, and then the severity of the elemental aftereffect?
  • Is the blast radius small or large? What level of force, and thus damage, is delivered to that blast radius?
  • If the grenade spawns smaller “children” grenades, as MIRV types and many unique grenades do, how many does it create?

So even comparing functionally identical grenades, or even different versions of the same unique, legendary grenade, you may find aspects you like better on one or the other.

Effective grenade use should supplement your wartime tactics with your guns and skills. You can equip a grenade that allows you to leverage an element that you don’t have a good gun for at the moment… a few Corrosive grenades chucked at a group of loaders can soften them up quite nicely. If you DO have a Corrosive gun against loaders, then a Slag-capable grenade is just the thing to amplify your already terrific Corrosive damage. Grenades don’t just have to be for pushing damage advantages, though—Singularity grenades can be incredibly valuable for crowd control, giving essentially any class Maya’s Converge skill. And Transfusion grenades can keep you alive in a pinch—think of them as health pickups you have to detonate in an enemy’s face in order to receive.

List of Unique and Legendary Grenades[edit]

Name Image Manufacturer Rarity Characteristics
Fuster Cluck File:Fuster Cluck.png Bandit Rare Throw a handful.
Elemental versions possible.
Kiss of Death Kiss of Death.png Maliwan Rare Spawns child grenades.
Deals bonus explosive damage.
Homing saps health.
Bonus Package Bonus Package.png Torgue Legendary Spawns child grenades.
Deals bonus explosive damage.
Initial Explosion creates child grenades, which explode and create children once more.
Bouncing Bonnie Bouncing Bonnie.png Dahl Legendary Rubberized grenade bounces until impact, spawning a bullet and grenade area of effect fountain.
Deals bonus Explosive damage.
Fastball Fastball.png Tediore Legendary What an arm!
Deals bonus Explosive damage.
Quasar Quasar.png Hyperion Legendary Shock.
Fire Bee Fire Bee.png Vladof Legendary Fire.
Grenade becomes flamethrower fountain and flaming grenade spout.
Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder.png Torgue Legendary Rubberized grenade explodes each bounce.
Deals bonus explosive damage.
Leech Leech.png Maliwan Legendary Spawns child grenades.
Elemental Damage.
Storm Front Storm Front.png Vladof Legendary Shock damage.
Area of effect grenade spans area of effect children.