Hide of Terramorphous

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The Hide of Terramorphous is by far one of the most powerful shields in Borderlands 2. The shield sports a red text which read "...his hide turned the mightiest tame...". This gives the shield Roid, Nova and Spike damage all in one. With the possibility of having a capacity of 50,000+, its extremely fast recharge rate and its multiple bonuses, this shield is an excellent addition to any inventory.

The nova and spike damage dealt by the shield are equipped with fire damage. Any enemy who attacks the player will be hit by homing spikes and set on fire causing DOT (Damage Over Time). When the shield is depleted it will release a large and powerful nova blast which also deals fire DOT. Upon depletion the shield roid damage will take effect giving the user a very high bonus to any melee attacks used.

Hide of Terramorphous
Hide of Terramorphous.png
Manufacturer Bandit
Rarity Legendary
Type Roid/Nova/Spike
Capacity 46,155
Recharge Rate 5,585
Recharge Delay 3.78
Spike/Nova/Amp/Roid Damage Roid +34,977, Nova 87,623, Spike 28,847
Absorbtion Chance --
Element Fire.png Fire
Cost 45,315
Location Terramorphous the Invincible