King Mong

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King Mong
King Mong.png
Family Bullymong
Type Badass
Health multiplier 35
Shield level --
Damage multiplier 7
XP value Ultimate Badass
Crit areas Head
Weakness Fire.png Fire
Resistance --
Location(s) Eridium Blight

King Mong is the towering king of bullymongs wanders the Eridium Blight. He spawns in various locations on the map, but can generally be found on the slope that leads to Hero’s Pass. He’ll sometimes need to be coaxed out, which you can accomplish by killing other bullymongs in the area. He’s huge, he’s fast, and he can leap and ground pound like other bullymongs, only with increased heft. King Mong is also the sturdiest bullymong by far, so Slag him and open up with the Fire weapons. You’ll complete an area Challenge for Eridium Blight by killing King Mong while he’s Slagged.

King Mong has a small chance to drop the legendary Bandit-made rocket launcher, Badaboom. Due to the fact that he can be easily found and killed by vehicle, King Mong is a popular target for farmers.