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Deft Lascaux.png
Manufacturer Dahl
Type Submachine Gun
Rarity Rare
Damage 28x2 - 4803x2
Accuracy 90.9 - 92.4
Fire Rate 7.1
Reload 2.5 - 2.3
Mag Size 37 - 46
Element None
Cost $198 - $20,646
Location Puddle in Frostburn Canyon

The Lascaux is a unique Dahl Submachine Gun found in Frostburn Canyon, in a shallow pool near a number of Spiderant hives. The map screenshot below shows the approximate location of the pool, marked by the yellow player arrow.

The Lascaux's moderate damage is improved by its Double Mod, which converts each unit of SMG Ammo into two shots, effectively doubling its number of shots and firing rate, and the the recoil reduction mod makes it an easy-to-handle crowd control weapon when fired from the hip. Its unique feature however, is its modified Dahl Burst-Fire Mod: using the scope switches the Lascaux to a nine-round burst, which is actually somewhat detrimental to its accuracy and its ability to conserve ammunition.

Unique Properties[edit]

The Gun of the Bulls - Modified Dahl burst-fire: 9-round burst while using the scope that leaves a bullet pattern similar to that of the Lascaux cave paintings. Always spawns with a Double Mod and 100% Recoil Reduction.


The easiest time for a player to pick this up would be during the Hunting the Firehawk story mission, which will bring the player to Frostburn Canyon for other reasons. To find it take the watery left path at the bottom of the cave you enter during that mission. It is in the second pool of water on your left when you take the path leading right.

Approximate location indicated by player marker


  • Lascaux is an underground cave system in France, famous for its palaeolithic paintings of dun horses and prehistoric elk.