Many Must Fall

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Many must fall is one of the most powerful skills in the game. Killing an enemy using melee while deception is active causes you to redecoy, adding more time to deception. It works best paired up with Execute and Backstab. Also, it doesn't hurt to use a melee enhancing weapon to deal massive damage. Note that the enemy must be under your crosshairs for the skill to work. The crosshairs need to be red too, otherwise you will dash but not perform the attack. This is specially annoying while fighting disappearing stalkers; you'll be able to see them while deception is active, but you'll still need to wait for them to actually become visible before your crosshairs turn red and you can hit them.

This skill is particularly useful to quickly take down mobs of relatively weak enemies. Chances are you won't be able to one-shot a juggernaut of a badass thresher, but everything else will die instantly, making Many Must Fall one of the coolest skills in the game.