Sabre Turret

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Sabre Turret
Sabreturret icon.png
Name Sabre Turret
Character Commando
Type Active Ability
Tier One
Maximum Points One
Skill Tree N/A
Minimum Level Five
Effect Summon Autonomous Turret Gun

The Sabre Turret is the Active Ability of the Commando class, and a significant upgrade compared to the Scorpio Turret of the Crimson Lance from Borderlands 1. When activated, the Turret is (by default) dropped at Axton's feet, where it will immediately lock onto the nearest hostile target and begin firing in short, rapid-fire bursts.

Unlike a Scorpio Turret, the Sabre Turret can be deactivated and reclaimed before its timer has expired. To do so, the player approaches the turret and presses the Active Ability button again, packing up the turret and refunding some of the Ability's cooldown time.

Cooldown: 42 seconds

Commando: Axton
Trees Guerilla • Gunpowder • Survival
Abilities Sabre Turret
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