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The Bee is a legendary shield dropped by Hunter Hellquist and also by Master Gee The Invincible with the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates Booty DLC.

The Bee is one of the most popular shields in Borderlands 2 because of its beneficial amp (amplified) damage. The reason the amp damage is more beneficial, on this shield than others, is because the shield also has a 0 (zero) amp drain count. This means that every shot fired from a weapon, whilst The Bee is fully charged, does amp damage to the target.

This shield is used by many players for farming bosses such as Terramorphous the Invincible. Most players will use the shield along with the Conference Call shotgun. The two of them together make enemies such as Terramorphous a breeze to kill. Many players consider The Bee to be a game breaker, almost like a modded item to make the game too easy, however The Bee is a genuine item drop in the game.

After a patch in late 2012 the Bees amp damage was cut down from the original amount. Even with the patch the bee is still one of the best amp damage shields in the game.

The Bee
The Bee.png
Manufacturer Hyperion
Rarity Legendary
Type Amp
Capacity 20,753
Recharge Rate 24,970
Recharge Delay 5.32
Spike/Nova/Amp/Roid Damage +52,159
Absorbtion Chance --
Element --
Cost 45,315
Location Hunter Hellquist/Master Gee The Invincible